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 Hi! I’m Lynsey Renee Mason, your Indiana Birth Photographer.

Being a mother to 4, I understand the importance of documenting those fleeting moments organically produced by family and the love within. My family is originally from the deep southern states, however, Indianapolis has been our home for over 10 years now. It is where we will raise our children to know that wild-hearts grow deep within the fields, with bare feet in the sunshine; that preparing for Winter means a little hard work; and that Spring brings on the sweetest sounds of birds singing and flowers blooming and new life forming.

I am a dedicated photographer and videographer, and I pour my heart and soul, along with a little sweat and tears, into advancing my knowledge and skills toward being able to unfold your story as a new, or seasoned, parent in the very best way possible.


As Central Indiana’s leading Birth Photographer, I have four years experience documenting births in cities across the state including Indianapolis, Carmel, and Bloomington. I have photographed births within an array of settings including private homes, birth centers, and hospitals. I work with passionate families who grasp the divine artistry of birth and parenthood. I am now serving families with due dates beginning Fall 2019 and beyond.

When I am invited to join you during labor, I take upmost care in respecting your process of birthing. I am sensitive to the sacredness of your space, quietly documenting your story as it unfolds. My time with you is indefinite, and I thoroughly enjoy preserving memories for you to look back upon; helping you remember; remember the hard work, the relief, the astonishment, and the power you felt in those very moments.

What People Are Saying About Renée Mason

Renee Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer

"We were lucky enough to have Lynsey attend our home birth for our son in 2016, and we are excited to have her again in the very near future for our next home birth! Lynsey became apart of our birth team and easily blended in as any fantastic attendant should do to allow lots of space for birth to unfold. Even our kids enjoyed her being there, and commented on how kind and attentive she was towards our family. She wasn't phased by all the crazy birth stuff going on, and was happy to help the rest of the team as needed. The images were beautiful and are a true treasure to us. I couldn't image not having them to look back on. Seeing that day from her perspective was just perfect. She even got pictures of our other children waiting to see their newest sibling, the cooking going on in the kitchen, and of course all the love that filled our home." - Megan | Danville, Indiana Home Birth

"I couldn't say enough good things about Lynsey and her work. She was so willing to work with me on any ideas I had and the pictures turned out perfect. For the birth of my daughter I was nervous because I am shy, but I didn't even realize Lynsey was in the room. She captured the day perfectly and I'm still amazed at the pictures she captured. I highly recommend her. She's very professional, so sweet and extremely talented. I cried multiple times looking at my pictures. You won't be disappointed using her!!" - Brittany | Hendricks Regional Health Hospital in Danville, Indiana

Renee Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer

"I met her in 2015 when she photographed my home birth. She was amazing and respectful of my space and she was so quiet that I honestly don't remember anytime she grabbed my attention in a negative way. She caught the most precious picture of my birth. Beautiful moments of my husband comforting me, catching our baby and passing her to me. I am so thankful for the pictures she took." - Kristina | Indianapolis, Indiana Home Birth

"My husband and I are so happy with the photographs Lynsey took of our little girl. She came to our home and was very knowledgeable about poses, lighting, etc.. I would highly recommend her. I will be using her services again with all of my children." - Karlee | my BFF from my hometown in Mississippi

“I am a midwife and was able to attend a birth where Renee was is the birth photographer and the photographs were beautiful. She also blended into the background so as not to disturb the laboring mother which is important to me as a midwife.” - Shannon Greika, CPM with Divine Birth Midwifery

“She photographed the birth of my youngest son and did an amazing job. We are so grateful to have so many gorgeous photographs documenting this most precious moment. Her skill behind the lens is phenomenal I would recommend her to anyone seeking to have their birth documented.” - Sharin | Brownsburg, Indiana Home Birth

“I can’t thank Renee enough for the photos she captured of my 13 year old meeting our 28 weeker preemie for the first time almost a month after her actual birth. She hung out all morning to get the perfect pictures and waited around for bath and hold time which is all on a very strict schedule in the NICU. She felt like a long lost friend and my whole family felt comfortable with her. Not only that, but the images she was able to capture for us were priceless. We are so thankful we found her.” - Lavonne | Indianapolis, IN IU North Riley NICU

Renee Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer

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