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 Captivating. Raw. Empowering.

Birthing your baby might possibly be the most life-changing event of your life. Transitioning into parenthood changes you - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Much like life, and other moments surrounding, birth is quite unpredictable. It takes an experienced artist to skillfully capture your birth as it unfolds, from active labor until your baby is born.

As Central Indiana’s leading Birth Photographer, Renee Mason has 4+ years of experience and continuous up-to-date training in the birth industry. Where ever you choose to birth - in a hospital, birth center, or at home - she has the proper equipment, skills, and procedures in place to ensure your birth will be artfully documented.

 What Families are saying…

“ could easily feel like a [birth photographer] would be noticeable, but she became a part of our birth team. The images are beautiful, and are a true treasure to us. I can't imagine not having them to look back on. Seeing that day from her perspective was just perfect.” - Megan


"[Renee] is simply wonderful. Her kind demeanor and easygoing style allow her to capture such beautiful images that we will treasure for years to come!” - Rachael

I was nothing short of speechless when my images were delivered. They are truly breathtaking, and represent so many special memories I get to keep forever.” - Kelsey S.


Hi. I'm Renée. I’m a birth storyteller.

Thank you so much for being here! I am married, and Mama to 4 amazing kids. After a traumatic first birthing experience with my daughter nearly ten years ago, my son’s intense, yet hands-off, birth in 2016 was so, so healing. In the year leading up to his birth, I researched and learned as much as possible about my pregnancy, the process of birth, and how to potentially have a better birthing experience. This led to my passion for documenting birth and supporting other birthing women.

I work with mothers who embrace the thought that birth is natural and gorgeous, and that raw postpartum can be empowering and blissful - tiring as it all is. I work with families who understand the importance of support during pregnancy, in birthing space and in the coming days and nights thereafter.

Whether you’re birthing at home, in a hospital, or birth center in Indiana, I am dedicated to respecting your intimate birth space. I've been a birth photographer for over four years, and my experience and knowledge of the birthing process allows me to skillfully and artfully document your birth story. I truly enjoy photographing the raw moments that unfold during labor, birth, and postpartum.

Because I only take 3-4 births a month, my schedule fills up quickly. Contact me today to see if I have availability for your upcoming birth!