Fresh 48

Postpartum Photography: First 48 at IU Hospital North in Carmel, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

I first met Nadia and her family a few years ago when their middle baby was still growing inside. They had hired me for her birth, and it was such an honor to witness. Nadia was ferocious in her birthing her second daughter, standing up beside the hospital bed with her husband right there comforting her through it all. They were so in sync. I know the birth of Neva was just as beautiful. I was able to join them on the last day of their hospital stay for a quick Postpartum session to capture all of the details of their new family, now with 3 girls. It was nothing short of sweet.

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Postpartum Photography: First 48 at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

I went back to the hospital later that day to capture all of Merrick’s little baby details. She was nursing and cuddling with her mama. Once see seemed a little satisfied from her mama’s milk, Ashley swaddled her and put a big beautiful bow on her head! It was great getting to see her new baby and watch her unfold yet again into this fresh motherhood journey.

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