Postpartum Photography: First 48 at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana / by Lynsey Mason

Ashley and Andy came to me last Summer to book their birth session. They were due with their 5th child early March 2019! After 4 boys, it came as a surprise to everyone when they found out they would be having a little girl. Ashley wanted to preserve the moments of her labor and birth to look back upon and reminisce on her journey. March came, and eventually so did their baby’s due date. Still, Ashley was enduring contractions here and there, and her cervix had even dilated to 5 centimeters! Finally, the day came when baby was ready. It was late March by then, yet watching her birth unfold was beyond magical. Once their daughter was Earth-side, they announced her name: Merrick. She was a bit stunned immediately after birth and was whisked away to the NICU after getting a quick kiss goodbye (for now) from her parents.

I went back to the hospital later that day to capture all of Merrick’s little baby details. She was nursing and cuddling with her mama. Once she seemed a little satisfied from her mama’s milk, Ashley swaddled her and put a big beautiful bow on her head! It was great getting to see her new baby girl, and to watch Ashley unfold yet again into this fresh motherhood journey.