Motherhood Photography: An In-home Documentary Maternity Session in Indianapolis, Indiana with Two BFFs / by Lynsey Mason

Earlier this year I had the honor of meeting two pregnant mamas who just so happened to be friends! It was clear to me that they had grown comfortable around each other, sharing all of the pregnancy highs and lows, bonding over this growing life they were keeping safe. Their babies were even both their fourth child. How cool is that? I proposed to them to document a lovely mutual maternity sesh, just chilling, drinking tea, laughing, and talking all-things-birth. We instantly all fell in tune and began to shift from unsure territory to friends hanging out. It was really amazing and a time I’ll cherish forever.

Some of these images were even featured on Birth Becomes Her, where you can read what Ali says about being pregnant around the same time as a close friend:

Josephine birthed her baby boy one month later on February 28th, and I had an even greater honor to film her birth video for her powerful home birth:

Ali had her baby just a few short days after: a girl. She shared her birth story recently and I can’t wait to read it!

I hope you enjoyed these precious images! I know they will cherish them for a lifetime. Leave them a kind word below in encouragement for their 4x motherhood journey! <3