Motherhood Photography: A Summer Maternity Sesssion in Indianapolis, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

Alyce and I instantly connected over our time during a warm outdoor summer maternity session late last year. She was expecting her baby girl around Thanksgiving. (Little did we know, she’d be born on that day!)

Alyce was happy to have a photographer document this time for her, though her husband couldn’t attend, it was nice to have these beautiful images in the sunset to be able to look back upon that wonderful time in her life.

We had a great time talking all-things-birth and baby!

I love getting to know my clients over motherhood sessions, it allows for an easier greeting in the birth room when in labor!

Motherhood Photography: A Late Summer Maternity Session in Indianapolis, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

I was so excited when Megan announced that she and her husband Brandon were expecting their baby girl last summer. Having photographed the birth of their youngest son Finley in 2016, it was great to get to see them again and to see how they have grown as a family. Finley was all of two, and their other children had shot up like weeds. I enjoyed roaming their property with them, soaking up the nature and the excitement of their impending home birth. It would be any day now.

As we walked along their paths, I saw so much love surrounding this new life. Everyone was hopping around in excitement while Mom and Dad followed along. There were so many moments of connection between everyone: their cute banter, exploration and wildness, and wonderful caring for one another. I loved that being outdoors was life for them, and that they were comfortable enough around me to be their truest selves. I know this family loves so hard, and they do it for each other.

I think the thing I love most about this family is that their children admire their parents so much. It’s incredible… I’ve really gotten to see how close knit they are as a unit. I feel very uplifted being around them! Check out their adorable images below. Leave a kind word or two :)

Motherhood Photography: An Outdoor Winter Maternity Session in Indianapolis, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

I met Abigail and her husband Jesse through Facebook in 2018 when they became pregnant with their 3rd baby. Because she was a bit early on, we scheduled their session for late Winter 2019. Thankfully, this year’s winter was pretty mild. While there was still ice on the ground from a recent ice storm on the day of our session, it was warming up outside, and sun began shining. It created this beautiful warmth on all of the trees, grass, and plants that sustained through the storm. Abigail was glowing, nearly to full term pregnancy, and rocked her outdoor maternity session with her husband by her side. Check out some of her images below!

Motherhood Photography: A Winter Wonderland Outdoor Maternity Photography Session in Indianapolis, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

I felt connected to Alex when she and I first met, and she told me of her traumatic journey through motherhood. Soon after then, she became pregnant again and was expecting another baby boy. I just knew she’d be up for a lovely winter-land maternity photography session with her husband. They were the perfect couple to get out in the snow and create some magic. See below how gorgeous she looked in each dress she wore! My favorite, I think, was the red dress and cloak pair. So timeless!