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The Birth of Walt | A Gentle Cesarean Birth at St. Vincent Women's

April is International Cesarean Month, and I was honored to have been invited into the OR for this special family and baby's birth. This is their story: The birth of Walt. It includes infant loss, and raw and sometimes graphic images of a c-section.

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Carly and Matt's VBAC | The Birth of Davy at Indiana University Methodist, Downtown Indianapolis

When I walked into Carly and Matt’s labor and delivery suite at Indiana University Methodist, I was a bit nervous because I had never met them before. I was filling in for another photographer who was sick, and hadn’t had the opportunity of meeting them before Carly was induced to deliver their 2nd baby boy. I was not there for long before I felt “officially” a part of their birth team.

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A Thanksgiving Day Home Birth | Indianapolis, Indiana

Last year, I met a wonderfully sweet soul inquiring about birth photography, who was pregnant with her first child. She confided in me that it may be she and her husband’s only biological child, as they wanted so badly to adopt any more future children. Documenting their baby’s birth became very important to them, because of this. She was concerned, however, that she would not be able to find someone willing to take a due date so closely to our American holiday - Thanksgiving. Her due date was the Saturday after that beloved holiday, after all.

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