A Gift for Expecting Teen Mothers | Indiana Birth Photographer

In 2009, more than 410,000 teens became pregnant.

I was one of those teens.

I remember the morning that I went into labor like it was yesterday. My mom was in the bathroom with me - because, you know, she was getting ready for work and successfully "adulting" while her 19-year-old daughter was going into labor. I lost my plug and freaked out. I was terrified. Not only of birth, but motherhood. My mom laughed! She laughed!

I went back to bed thinking I had some time, only to wake my husband (then boyfriend) to let him know we needed to get ready to go to the hospital. About twelve hours later, we welcomed my first child into the world. Holding her was magical. Looking at her was surreal, and sleep didn't come easy. Later that evening, she went back with the nurses for a bath. I asked that she be brought back immediately after, however, I must have been asleep when they tried. Next thing I knew, at about 4 A.M. in the morning, I am suddenly awakened from my deep sleep by my postpartum nurse flicking the lights on and telling me that my fresh baby was hungry. And boy, was she screaming for food! I was very overwhelmed, but with a lot of help from family and friends, we made it through those first few months. I look back at how lucky I was to have such a wonderful support system to help me through that time.

Today, my daughter is 7 years old. I look back on the early days with pride. My family was adamant that they document her birth for us, even if only with a non-professional point and shoot camera. Without the pictures I do have, everything would be fuzzy, and the images that they weren't able to capture are a blur. I only wish the same for all soon-to-be teen mothers, which is why I'm offering free Birth or Fresh 48 photography sessions to any and all expecting teenagers who plan to deliver at Hendricks Regional Health Hospital in Danville, Indiana, and IU West Hospital in Avon, Indiana. I want to contribute to the ability for young mothers in my area to be able to look back clearly on possibly one of the most terrifying, yet beautiful, days of their life. If anything, I am here to support you; to let you know that you - without a doubt in my mind, can absolutely birth your baby.

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