Lylah's Fast Arrival at a Local Birth Center | Indianapolis, Indiana Birth Photographer

I first met Michelle a little over a year ago when she hired me to capture some moments of her breastfeeding her son, George. They had reached a year and she wanted those fleeting moments documented. We had a great time following her son around the house (toddlers!) and photographing she and him bonding together. It was almost Christmastime and their tree was just gorgeous.

I was thrilled when Michelle reached out about birth photography late last year. At first, she was very on the fence and not sure if she wanted anyone else to be in the birthing room with her and her husband, Ryan. After a few months and as time grew closer to her baby girl's due date, she decided it would be worth it to have me there. And I was so glad! I woke up one Saturday morning to see she had posted in her online Facebook Birthtube Group that they were leaving for the Birth Center at Sacred Roots Midwifery in Indianapolis. It was 2 days past her due date, and I immediately contacted Michelle asking if I needed to follow suit. It was time! 20 minutes after I arrived, Lylah was born. It was such a peaceful and intimate moment, and I am so honored to have been there to capture it.