Killian's Birth Story Film | Indianapolis, Indiana Birth Photographer

Last year, I was honored to document Kasi's birthing day, on the Summer Solstice of all days.. She had already been laboring for quite some time before I arrived. Days, even. It was tough, but she pushed through to the very end. It was amazing to watch her labor. She was still witty and as happy as ever throughout, which you know is a blessing, if you've ever given birth or watched someone go through days of labor. Even right before she was about to push Killian earthside, she was still joking around with her husband Chris. Her birth team was also just amazing to witness at work. She had originally planned an home birth with Sol Midwifery Services, but ended up transferring to Indiana University Methodist Hospital. It was amazing seeing both midwifery teams work together in the best interest of Kasi and her baby.

Even though Kasi and Chris had only hired me to photograph Killian's birth, I still snuck a few moments to film here and there. Although it is several months past his birth date, I have finally been able to take the time to learn how to piece the clips all together and make a beautiful slideshow to surprise them with. Take a look....but grab some tissues. Although Kasi is smiling in nearly every clip, it is still so touching to see a baby be born. And I cry every. single. time. Click below to play the video!