The Birth of Ella | Indianapolis, Indiana Birth Photographer

Brittany and her husband Brandon first reached out to me late summer of 2016 for birth photography with their little one due later that year in December. They were so excited to become parents. About a month went by when she received the news that their son had been diagnosed with IUGR, a condition in which baby doesn't grow to normal weight during pregnancy. The next couple of weeks for Brittany and her family were filled with hospital stays, many ultrasounds, and a billion prayers to God that he would keep their baby boy inside his mama until he could gain enough weight to sustain life earth-side on his own. I received news from her a few weeks later that on August 22, 2016 at 4:55am Beckett was born sleeping. Despite this very sad news, she and her husband were still very positive and looked forward to trying again. A little under a year later, Brittany contacted me to let me know that they were expecting again. After a second loss early 2017, they were hopeful for this pregnancy, and very meaningfully enough, the baby had the same due date as with Beckett!

In May, we met at Arbuckle Park in Brownsburg to photograph their announcement photo. Brittany mentioned to me that the image made this pregnancy feel real, as she had her reservations about sharing. I was happy to see that they did choose to share, and welcome all of the love and support that their family and friends had to offer. Later, in October, we met for a gorgeous sunrise maternity session that will forever be one of my most favorite sessions to ever have the honor of photographing. You can view those images here. You won't regret it, but I suggest grabbing a box of tissues first. Brittany made one of the most beautiful pregnant mama's I had ever seen!

Over the next several weeks, communication with Brittany was crucial. She was put on bed-rest and eventually diagnosed with preeclampsia about a week before she was to be induced to give birth to Ellowyn. A few days later, I received a text that Brittany was in early labor. About 20 hours later at 4am, I received the call from Brandon that Brittany had woken up to contractions and was suddenly at 9cm! I jumped out of bed, grabbed my gear, and rushed to the hospital.

When I arrived, Brittany was feeling pretty uncomfortable, but her husband was there by her side encouraging her every step of the way. They were getting ready to finally meet their baby girl, after all! After several good pushes, Brittany gave birth to Ellowyn. Dr. Mazdai handed Ella to her mama, as dad overlooked them both, and in that moment, all was right with the world.

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