Project 365 | Feet and Blue Eyes

I've been slacking a lot on this Project 365 thing, but I'm not sure what else to call it, so I'll keep the theme, I suppose. Emma has taken interest in my camera lately, so I helped her capture a few "self-portraits" of her and Henry. I can't wait til she sees them finished when she gets home from school today.

I've recently taken advantage of a new app called "Free Prints". The first 6 prints I received with free shipping, too! I love ordering images for Emma so that she has something tangible to keep for herself. Sometimes she switches out the pictures on her nightstand, rearranging them in the order of which she likes best and which she wants to see the most when she first wakes up. Not only is she a fan of pictures, she absolutely adores her baby brother! Can't you tell?

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