Darby's Newborn Lifestyle Session in Mississippi | Indiana Birth Photographer

I remember feeling so warm-hearted after Karlee told me that she and her husband Luke were expecting their first baby. This was big news, mostly because, well, my best friend would become a parent.


Working as a nurse right up until the end of her pregnancy, you can imagine her exhaustion and readiness to finally welcome their little girl into the world. What they didn't expect late one evening when settling in for the night was for her water to break at 37.5 weeks!

I woke up the next morning on a Saturday in May to a Snapchat image of Karlee's feet tucked under a hospital blanket captioned, "Well that escalated quickly". Several hours later, I received the news that Darby Joann was born earthside at 4:27PM! Oh, happy day! She was a sweet little 6 pounds and 10 ounces, with a head full of dark brown hair.

During the next week, I made plans to travel a good distance to visit my sweet friend and her new family in Mississippi that very next weekend. I held Darby as she slept on my chest, while Karlee and I spent time catching up. Time seemed to have quickly gone and never passed, all the same. We ate dinner in their new home together and had a wonderful visit.

Here are some images from Darby's Newborn Lifestyle Photography session! She was 8 days old.

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