Home Birth

The Birth of Briar Eulalie | An Indianapolis Home Birth by Lynsey Mason

Today I share a birth album with you all that is very dear to my heart. I first met Megan and her family about three years ago, to photograph their son's home birth just 8 short weeks after giving birth to my own son. I loved bonding with them and getting to know the sweet love that flowed through their country home on the west-side of Indy. When I found out that Megan was pregnant with a baby girl due late summer 2018, I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to be a part of their birth team again, in their sacred space, in that space filled with joy and love. It was awe-striking to see similarities, too, between both births. Nearly identical, in the way of birthing, sounds, sights and faces.

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A Thanksgiving Day Home Birth | Indianapolis, Indiana by Lynsey Mason

Last year, I met a wonderfully sweet soul inquiring about birth photography, who was pregnant with her first child. She confided in me that it may be she and her husband’s only biological child, as they wanted so badly to adopt any more future children. Documenting their baby’s birth became very important to them, because of this. She was concerned, however, that she would not be able to find someone willing to take a due date so closely to our American holiday - Thanksgiving. Her due date was the Saturday after that beloved holiday, after all.

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