Birth Photographer

Kasi's Birthing Day at IU Methodist | International Day of the Midwife by Lynsey Mason

It was the day of Summer Solstice when Kasi contacted me to let me know that her labor was further progressing. She had originally planned a home birth, but needed to be transferred to IU Methodist Hospital to be induced at 38 weeks instead. Her home birth midwife was still very much there for her, arriving when Kasi was in active labor, and staying through the birth and thereafter. It was wonderful to see her midwife and the hospital midwives working together to care for Kasi and her baby. Soon, Kasi felt the urge to push. She stood beside a tall chair and led her baby earthside with the help of one of the midwives, and up to her chest in triumphant relief. Postpartum care for Kasi and her baby afterwards was magical to watch, the dual care by each midwife was seamless. You can see for yourself just how amazing this birth story is:

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The Birth of Walt | A Gentle Cesarean Birth at St. Vincent Women's by Lynsey Mason

April is International Cesarean Month, and I was honored to have been invited into the OR for this special family and baby's birth. This is their story: The birth of Walt. It includes infant loss, and raw and sometimes graphic images of a c-section.

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