Barter with your Indianapolis, Indiana Birth and Motherhood Photographer / by Lynsey Mason

Renee Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer

Sometimes, as a birth photographer, I am asked if I barter my services in exchange for another service. The answer is yes! I have traded in the past, and still have a list of some things I’d love to trade photography for. I’m also grateful that my job as a birth photographer allows me to barter services for things that we need. My birth stories begin at $1800.

Many people don’t understand why the price of my birth documentation is the way it is, and that is okay. I’m happy to tell you why. If you already know, then just skip this part and scroll down to my list of services I’d love to trade for. If you’re interested in learning a little bit about what it means to be on call, then keep reading this.

When I wake up in the morning on call, the first thing I do is check to make sure my phone is charged for the day and on loud. Whatever tasks I must tend to that day, whether it be chores, errands, networking, business planning, etc. I must always remember to keep my phone at those ideal settings, in case the family I am on call for contacts me to tell me it’s time. Though, there is a huge possibility that the baby may not actually come right away (or even within the next few days), but I still have to be ready, for weeks, more than a month, at a time. Sometimes this on call time overlaps from multiple due families. Therefore, never being “off call”, unless specifically planned for. I have to ensure I have back up childcare, and a back up photographer in case I fall ill. I have even had to leave my family for birth on major holidays. On call life is definitely different than most, but this is birth work. Unpredictable, exhausting, and ever-so-demanding. I don’t normally get worked up over the questioning of birth pricing, but I thought I would take this opportunity to let you see a blip of daily life for my family and I. Now that I have, here is a list of services or goods I’d love to trade for:

  • Tattoos - PLEASE. I am DYING over two pieces I’d love to get tattooed on me. Both speak straight to my soul, and have to do with my love for motherhood and this birth work that I do.

  • Date night childcare - Who doesn’t need this?

  • Wine! Um. Duh.

  • Vacation - Own an AirBNB? We don’t care where!

  • Indoor Plants - Can’t go wrong with a little more oxygen indoors! Especially with the weather we have here some days.

  • Furniture - I’m a sucker for vintage pieces and my husband hates it. Show me what you got.

  • Photography trades - You do me, I’ll do you!

  • Organic make-up and skin care - The store bought stuff makes me break out and burns my eyes. I can’t find anything that works, other than the kind with no harsh chemicals. This is why you always see me with no make-up on. If you have it, I’ll take it.

  • Essential Oils or EO Accessories - What can I say? I’m obsessed.

  • Gutter cleaning - We neeeeed this baaaaad.

  • Privacy Fencing - I would love to have a fenced in back yard for my kiddos and pups!

  • House cleaning or organization - Come Marie Kondo my house.

What else do you have to offer? The list could really be endless. Thanks for checking this blog post out! If you know someone who’d be interested, please pass this along!

If you’re interested in trading with me, email me at!

Renee Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer
Renee Mason, Indiana Birth Photographer