The Birth of Briar Eulalie | An Indianapolis Home Birth / by Lynsey Mason

Today I share a birth album with you all that is very dear to my heart. I first met Megan and her family about three years ago, to photograph their son's home birth just 8 short weeks after giving birth to my own son. I loved bonding with them and getting to know the sweet love that flowed through their country home on the west-side of Indy. When I found out that Megan was pregnant with a baby girl due late summer 2018, I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to be a part of their birth team again, in their sacred space, in that space filled with joy and love. It was awe-striking to see similarities, too, between both births. Nearly identical, in the way of birthing, sounds, sights and faces.

It was dusk one night when Megan text me to let me know contractions were coming on strong. I didn't hear back for a while, so I called and her husband Brandon answered. He put me on hold for a moment to speak to Megan, when he came back to the phone about 8 minutes later to let me know she just had a really strong contraction and that I should probably head their way.

When I arrived, happenings of a home birth were taking place. There was big pot of water on the stove, children popping in and out of rooms, and the dog lazily awaiting. Grandmas were entertaining their youngest grandchildren. Midwife and her team patiently sat while Megan worked so hard, yet gracefully, through each contraction. Quietly monitoring baby and watching closely when Megan seemed as though she was pushing.

Soon, she began with vigor, with her husband's gentle hands, guided their youngest baby girl out of the birth canal. Everyone in the room was so joyous upon seeing Briar's face. Small hands reaching out to touch, to comfort and share in the bliss.

Megan moved from the tub to their bed within minutes, followed by the rest of her caring and curious family. As I've said before, Briar's birth was so strikingly similar to her older brother's, it was uncanny. I admire that in this family - how you can tell that they are everything to one another, which is something I know their children will value most when they are older. <3