Carly and Matt's VBAC | The Birth of Davy at Indiana University Methodist, Downtown Indianapolis / by Lynsey Mason

When I walked into Carly and Matt’s labor and delivery suite at Indiana University Methodist, I was a bit nervous because I had never met them before. I was filling in for another photographer who was sick, and hadn’t had the opportunity of meeting them before Carly was induced to deliver their 2nd baby boy. I was not there for long before I felt “officially” a part of their birth team.

As Carly labored on, she periodically switched positions to help naturally bring her baby down further and further. She went from napping with the birth “peanut”, then switched sides and labored with it under her legs sitting up for a while - which seemed to really bring Davy a little closer.

To help pass the time, Matt put together the sweetest little gifts for both Davy and his big brother. They were these adorable stuffed Dinosaurs! Soon, it was time for him to set up the Go-Pro, and adjust Carly’s socks.

After a bit more monitoring, Carly’s doctor came in, mentioning that the baby’s heart rate had a slight decel, and that they were going to prep for a C-section. Of course, Carly and Matt knew that if that is what needed to happen in order to keep Carly and the baby safe, they would agree. However, another OBGYN came into the room shortly after, and said that it was time to try to push! She did so well, and within mere minutes, Davy was Earthside! The room erupted in applause, and I think Matt’s expression says it all. It really was quite amazing and inspiring. Soon, their new baby boy was latched, and enjoying skin-to-skin with his parents.